Dear Lord….

Please forgive me for I have sinned.

I have worked hard so that I could improve my family’s life.

I believe that everyone is equal –and every life is valuable-no one race, color or religion is better than another.

I have always wanted to keep my fellow citizen’s safe at all costs and would fight to the death for that privilege.

I have actually made money and invested it into Company’s all based in the US.
(Perhaps I have contributed to the Wall Street debacle).

I have paid my fair share of taxes and contributed to lots of charities. I have given my hard earned $$$ and equally importantly my time to help others in need. And truth be known, I’d prefer not paying any more taxes.

I believe strongly that in America is the greatest Country in the world and in America all things are possible. But God knows (that’s you) we need Leadership

I have respected and appreciated our policemen, firemen, and servicemen. No, I don’t believe that policeman are “bad” and that they profile certain demographics without cause. I believe some policeman are bad….then again, some people are bad.
By in large I believe that most policeman try their very best to be fair, just and protect the public.

I believe that good Teachers should be paid more than Actors, Athletes and Entertainers. And I sure as heck don’t think the opinions of any of the above have any more credibility than mine.

I believe that those that work in jobs that none of us really would want, should be compensated and they should applauded every day. Yes, it’s true, I tip the gal in the McDonald’s drive in window.

Despite the # of times I have been disappointed in mankind, I continue to believe that there is good in most people. But I can’t say I believe that there is good in all people –Does that make me a horrible person?

I also believe that Satan created “The Devils” and when heinous crimes are committed .I believe in Hammurabi’s code, “An Eye for An Eye”. Is that a sin?

I have tried my very best to forgive, but I cannot tell a lie (you can’t lie to God), I have not always forgiven. To this day, I have sorrow in my heart that will never heal.

As much as I believe that my Parents are in Heaven….and Heaven is a better place, I’d love to have them back home with me. Am I selfish?

And God, I know I’m not supposed to HATE–but I HATE Cancer!

So Dear Lord, please forgive me for all my shortcomings and not being perfect.
Although I believe perfection is greatly overrated, I suppose I should try harder and perhaps strive for perfection. Although I must say, Jesus Christ –your son was perfect –well almost. When he was on that Cross, he was pretty darn mad at you –and I “kinda’ don’t blame him. Yes, I know he saved our souls, but couldn’t there have been an easier way? Okay, maybe I should not have mentioned that.

I can hear you now saying, “For that last statement alone…. Please say 1 Act of Contrition, 3 Hail Mary’s and 3 Our Father’s. Or maybe I should say a Novena?

One more thing…. Thank you Lord –say “hi” to my parents for me.

One thought on “Dear Lord….

  1. Beautiful & sad, truthful & honest….. I, also, share so many of your emotions…..
    God created us in his likeness. He also created us to have our own free will. That makes us vulnerable, opinionated, selfish, arrogant, shameful, proud, happy, humble, sad, caring, forgiving, unforgiving and everything else that we sometimes can control and sometimes we can’t control….

    That being said, God is all love & powerful. He understands our iniquities. He gave us that privilege and that choice to make decisions based on our emotions during each circumstance……. The biggest thing is that I believe he knows our hearts….. Although we may make decisions based on our emotion, and they may not be the same choices that he would make, he realizes that we are mere humans…… He knows us best, knows our hearts and I believe we will be judged on that alone.

    Just my thoughts. Thank you Tiffany, I needed to read this today and reflect. I suffer with my own demons daily and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thank you for making my mind switch into a different mode and look at different angles of situations. That is what I miss most about my father, who passed on almost 2 years ago. He was always able to give me different perspective. Thanks for doing that for me today.

    Hugs to you, Dearest Tiffany, your Undercoverwear Agents are better people for you being in our lives and offering us motivation and inspiration. I love & miss that!!

    Dianne Naylor

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