Don’t Let Monogamous Become Monotonous: Marriage 101

I really want you to think about those glorious days when you first started dating your special someone. Can you remember those passionate kisses, the strong emotional feelings, the erotic touching? You knew exactly what he wanted and you wanted it too. Simply stated, sex was fabulous. Thank goodness for those memories. How times have … More Don’t Let Monogamous Become Monotonous: Marriage 101

Lady Like- Goals, Glass Ceilings, and Celebrating Success.

What are we teaching young girls if we are telling those women on the field to stop celebrating when they achieve a certain level? Or rather what are we teaching them if we say you can be good and you can even be great, but only up to a certain point?  That’s like saying set your goals and reach for the sky —but make sure you stop before you get to the stars.  With philosophies like that, women will never truly break that glass ceiling. … More Lady Like- Goals, Glass Ceilings, and Celebrating Success.

Making Money

I’m convinced people really don’t want to make money. Oh I think everyone wants to HAVE money, but there is a vast difference in wanting to have money and wanting to make money. My point is supported by the number of people who buy a Power Ball Lottery Ticket. Do you know what the odds … More Making Money


I have finally figured out when the Country’s financial crisis started. Sure you can say it started with Bush and then Obama escalated the problem. You can believe that is was the collapse of Lehman Brothers, overspending and certainly over borrowing. And I’m sure we will all agree that bad mortgages and the financial decline … More Monopoly

Living in Hawaii

2015 has been my Kaleidoscope Year.   It’s been filled with bright colors, ever changing shapes, always interesting turns and yet continually dazzling in an odd sort of way. I think that God has decided that I should pay attention to my own words. Change is difficult but change is growth and change is good. Without … More Living in Hawaii