Fashion Sense at 50 Plus: Age Appropriate, Not Dull!

Fashion Icon Coco Chanel
Fashion Icon, Coco Chanel, was always age appropriate and NEVER dull.

There is something to be said about women in their 50’s –60’s + 70’s  & how they should dress “age appropriately”.

I guess that’s true of all ages, but often times, a women in her 30’s or 40’s will dress like a young “hot young chick” which may not always be viewed as ‘appropriate’.

However, I have noticed that many women over 50 think start to think that they should “blend” in and abandon all sense of fashion.   I call that “being beige”.  No necessarily wearing beige but having no bright bold pattern or color to reinforce your individuality. 

I’ll give you an example to continue to explain what I mean: Most recently a 50 something year old single friend of mine had reconnected with one of her male high school classmates and she was going see him at their casual class reunion.

Many women over 50 start to think they should blend in and abandon all sense of fashion.


They had texted and enjoyed friendly banter.  She was very much looking forward to connecting with him.  In fact, she was hoping for a bit of romance.  According to Lisa, he arrived looking hot!  He was wearing jeans, alinen shirt and cowboy boots.  However, he paid absolutely no attention to her. She couldn’t understand it. Lisa sent me a photo of her at the reunion.  

Well they say a photo is worth 1000 words.  

First of all, when most people go to a reunion they try to look their very best. I’m assuming Lisa did try.  But she failed miserably and here is why:

She was wearing a boat neck sleeveless white dress with small blue poppies all over it. Unless you are a workout fanatic, most women have to be careful wearing sleeveless anything. Her haircut was cute, but mousy brown. She wore virtually no makeup. Her nails were baby pink. Her shoulder bag was draped over her arm. She wore silver loop earrings.  She did have an unusual silver bracelet.  Frankly, that was the only interesting thing about her “look.”

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Now before you all start telling me that looks don’t matter- in some cases, I agree. Lisa is very accomplished and fun. If she were going on an interview –she looked  fine.  If she was having lunch with her colleagues, she was OK.  But, and here is my famous but…….Lisa was trying to get a good looking guy to notice her. Oh, I’m sure he noticed her and then dismissed her. Why? Because Lisa looked DULL. There was not one point of interest in anything she wore. I stand corrected—the bracelet, maybe. 

Here is the problem, Lisa was so focused on looking “age appropriate” she forgot to enjoy putting together an outfit for an exciting and fun occasion that invites you to look FABULOUS.

Lisa should have taken a risk –get some highlights –be bold –wear bright red nail polish.  Notice I didn’t dare say red lipstick. Looks don’t always matter but the right look can give someone confidence and encourage them to become the best version of themselves!   So, it’s not necessarily about looking good for another –it’s looking good for you.  When you look good –you feel good.  It’s that simple. When you look good –you feel good. It’s that simple. Click To Tweet

Lisa is only 58 years YOUNG! And BTW, she has a nice body.  But sure in Hell, she wasn’t showing  it off.  One of Lisa’s friends –a very full figured woman wore a bright floral dress. She oozed confidence!

It’s not about looking good for someone else-it’s about looking good for you. When you look good- you feel good. It’s that simple.


My friend Lisa felt badly that this guy paid no attention to her.  She also shared with me that he had been in jail for a “white collar” crime. Obviously, Lisa should stay clear of him and thefact that the fellow was that superfluous reinforces that he is not the type of man that any woman should want. But… it would have been nice if Lisa made that choice.

Like everything else in life, know your goal + plan accordingly.  If she wanted to “get him” her attire was completely WRONG!

So ladies –here are my fashion words of advice for women over 50 . Don’t get frumpy –don’t look dumpy.  Guidelines: dress with class, elegance, with a touch of sexy!

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  1. This is my thinking moving into my 60’s. I’ve tossed many clothes and I’m committing to adding clean, streamlined and sometimes sassy clothing to my wardrobe. Love this article, you read my mind!

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