Friends Through Thick or Thin

Last night I attended a social function.  There were several people that I had not seen for years.

One was my old/ex friend Lucy. When I met Lucy, she was a successful writer, model, actress and vocalist.  Lucy became a very good friend of mine –within our small circle.  

Lucy was beautiful, talented, fun and funny.  But Lucy had a drinking problem. And she was not a “good drunk”.  She became obnoxious, insulting and overbearing.  Friends and I tried to intervene.  She refused treatment, and her husband who adored her was an enabler.

One by one her friends left her behind.

After not speaking to Lucy for about 10 years,  several months ago, I had on-going thoughts about her for one full week.  I picked up the phone, called and discovered she had just come home from being in the hospital for over a month. She had been close to death. Not only did she have to give up drinking completely, but she had to have a liver transplant.

I spoke to her a few times and ultimately, she did get the transplant and stopped drinking.

When I saw her yesterday, I was shocked to see how much she had aged.  There was not a glow in her eyes nor a sparkle in her spirit.  She was initially “cool” to me saying that I “promised” we’d get together and I never followed up. 

I explained that Walter had being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and all the other “stuff” going on I had been a tad bit busy.  She warmed up.  As I pondered our chance meeting, I realized Lucy was right.  I dropped the ball.    

When she was an alcoholic, I should have tried harder and even been more understanding.

As we reconnected, I definitely should have helped her feel positive about herself.  I don’t want her to be thought of and/or remembered as the sad alcoholic. 

So, as I set my New Year’s Resolutions…I decided that  Lucy is going to be “stuck with me” in 2020.  That’s what friends are for. 

3 thoughts on “Friends Through Thick or Thin

  1. Glad to hear Lucy is on the mend. Now how is Walter? Is he handling it well? Tell him that being positive is half the cure. And I understand there is a good draw out now please tell him my prayers are with him🙏

    1. Aloha Carol, So good to hear from you. Walter is handling it well. We have just created a “new norm”. Less traveling but still having lots of fun. Thank God for all the great trips we all took. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  2. Aloha Tiffany, as many of us know, you have been a good friend to many over the years and many stories could be told to prove just that. Your love for Walter does not surprise me that you have created a “new norm. My love to all of you and please tell Walter when you come to MA I will treat him to his favorite HOT DOGS, ❤️🥰

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