Old: It is NOT a State of Mind

You know there are some days when I look in the mirror and I think, “Tiffany, you’re looking pretty darn good.” You understand.  You know the days when your hair looks great, your skin looks vibrant and you’re even feeling “skinny”.

Well last week I was having a really  “good streak”.  In fact, WJJ and I went out and I wore a hot little black leather dress, high heeled shoes and had quite the sassy -sexy attitude.  I received lots of attention and compliments. Yes, I was one hot chick.

The next day as I was still on my “ego high” and the mail came.  The brochure from Escada showed some of their newest summer fashions — of course I knew those skimpy little dresses would look great on me.  Then Neiman’s sent their “Spring Shoe Sale” catalogue. Yes Tiffany has to have more Stilettos — the higher the better –another way to ensure “Fabulousity.”  As we all know, one can never be too rich, too thin or have too many pairs of shoes. And last but not least my final piece of “feel good mail ” was from Social Secrurity. Yes,  I got my notification that in three months I will be eligible for Medicare.

Can you say the F word?! Seriously, it escaped my lips without hesitation. HOW THE HELL can I possibly be eligible Medicare?! Isn’t that for old people? Now don’t everyone start giving me those, “Well you look great for your age” comments or worse, “Age is just a state of mind.” ‘Cause truth be told, my state of mind while opening my Medicare information sucked lemons.

Please don’t give me those words of wisdom and loving little clichés. Look I know I look OK for my age.  And having lost many in my life who passed away at much younger ages, I know I am blessed to be “alive and kicking.”

But again I say, “How can I possibly be ready for Medicare?” Last week I thought that I could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money, and this week, I’m thinking more like Granny Clampett. And if you don’t know who she is, DAMN you’re still young — or at least younger than I.  I know…I’m heading to Kahala Mall where every Saturday they have a Senior Citizen Exercise program.  Some of those feisty folks are in their 80’s and 90’s. So that made me a young chick!!! #FeelingGoodAgain.  Does anyone have Brad’s phone number?


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