When Did Life Get So Complicated?

Has anyone besides me noticed that while people say the world has gotten smaller, it seems that life has gotten far more complicated?

This week trying to get simple blood work done took five phone calls and two trips to the lab. Then I tried to create the adorable Facebook video that everyone has been doing. It seems after many attempts that I don’t have enough photos or something. Of course, I have a zillion photos so I have no idea what the problem might be. My computer Junk Mail stopped working so I started getting rather interesting emails like how to stay harder longer. Excuse me; remember what I do for a living?

I tried to chat with my sister –she wanted to Facetime –I wanted to Skype.  We tried Facetime, but it looked too distorted so instead we did Skype.WJJ doesn’t have a computer –so he has things scanned to me –then I print them.  Unfortunately, the printer ran out of one color ink and refused to print. Our phone system is not working –only 3 of the four lines are available.  The “perfect” ice cube maker has decided to be imperfect.  The filter on the refrigerator for pure water needs replacement.

I tried to get into one of my accounts and after several attempts which included chatting with the bank, I gave up.  Evidently, I am not who I think I am.

I am getting constant reminders that I’m not tweeting enough. Nor have I signed up for Pinterest.  Guess I don’t have an interest.

I was trying to get insurance information–now that was a treat. Which plan?  Which supplement?  Will I need extra prescription coverage?  Hmmm I think I’ll take out my crystal ball to see what is going to happen to me in the next 5 years.

Went to dinner with WJJ this weekend.  Wanted a filet mignon.  Did I want the large size or the small size?  Do I want it Rare –with blood –Medium Rare –no blood –or Medium–pink on the inside or Well Done. Of course I could have it butterflied.  And which sides do I want –mashed –garlic mashed–truffle mashed –baked? Baked, I say –do I want sour cream, bacon bits, chives, cheese?  Yes I say.  On the potato or on the side?

I should probably stop here.  Because obviously, I think I have made my point.  And frankly this blog is getting way too complicated.   I guess I’ll go read a book.  Oh no, actually, I’ll take out my iPad or my Kindle or maybe just read it on my iPhone.

I rest my case.


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