My Daughter-In-Law and I Agree on a lot of Things…

My daughter in law and I agree on lots of things. We both agree that Jamie is wonderful (yes Cheryl really does believe that). We both agree that Champagne and Wine should be a staple in one’s diet. We both agree that we could not move to California based entirely on the law that bans foie gras.

Cheryl and I also agree that we only work out because we must not because we enjoy it. We agree that our family always comes first. We agree that we must respect each other’s beliefs and privacy. And we believe that Niccie is just about perfect.  Well at least I believe that.

The one area that Cheryl and I don’t agree at all is about the type of books we enjoy.

Every time, I give Cheryl one my most favorite books in the world, she dislikes it. In fact on occasion, she has used the word “hate” when referring to my all time favorite novels.

When time allows, Cheryl is a voracious reader. I am not. I believe Cheryl reads one book at a time. I am usually reading 3-4 simultaneously. Well, not exactly simultaneously but during the same time period. My reading preferences include growth/spiritual books, heartfelt poignant novels, deep intriguing mysteries and some sort of thought provoking book -most recently Charles Krauthammer’s “Things That Matter.” Because we share “Kindle lists,” I know some of Cheryl’s favorite books. Can you say, “Yuck!”? Our taste in reading material could NOT be further apart.

The only exception might be the “mystery novel” category–particularly by Author Jodi Picoult. Interestingly, neither Cheryl nor I enjoy Agatha Christie and Jamie does.   I loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and both Jamie and Cheryl hated them.  Two of my very favorite all time books are Taylor Caldwell’s Prologue to Love (I re-read it every 10 years or so) and the Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd. Cheryl absolutely disliked both of those books. That was the first indication that we could never share a library.

So what is my point to all of this? There is no point. I just find it fascinating that two women who have so much in common have completely different tastes in reading material. And I’m sure you know, I’m not being judgmental, but my choices are so much better than Cheryl’s.

Then again, I should have known that Cheryl and I would not agree on reading material –we don’t watch the same TV shows. The Jamitkowski family (Jamie, Cheryl and Niccie) watch Chef Programs, Survivor, and Modern Family. My personal favorite shows have been Six Feet Under, Dexter, Game of Thrones and Borgias.  Do you think I have a dark side?

So it would be really interesting to do a study on all my friends and family to see if I can determine what one’s inner personality might be based solely on what one chooses to read.  So I would love to know all about your favorite novels and why you enjoy them! This is going to be fun!

PS One more question, Do you agree with my sisters that perhaps, “I think too much?”

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